Celebrate your individuality. Define who you are. Your space. Your choice.

ArtCoutureCollectives.com offers handcrafted one-of-a-kind, tastefully-designed Sinks, Bathtubs, Executive Desks and Sculptures. Each piece we offer was individually handcrafted by our Master Artisans. They carefully pick fine lumber and construct the item by applying their hard-learned and perfected wood working techniques. Every piece is created as Art and thus produced only once. Each finished item encompasses a combination of elements of architecture and engineering and elements of ship-building techniques and correct wood construction methods. The Masters ensure every detail is perfect from the choice of wood, the cuts of wood, types of joinery, type of furniture construction to the type of hardware used. Our Master Artisans believe only in producing perfection and we at artcouturecollectives.com deeply share that view with them.

We at artcouturecollectives.com also believe in freedom of expression and in freedom of choices. And with that belief comes the conviction of having available a top-of-the-line selection from which one could make his or her choices from. Out of that conviction, artcouturecollectives.com was born. We hope to be able to help you define your space through expressing your individuality in every purchase you make with our offerings of unique and quality art-furniture pieces and sculptures.


Welcome and enjoy your experience at artcouturecollectives.com.